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Directors and Officers (Management Liability Insurance)

Company Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance

Although these policies are commonly known as management or directors’ liability insurance, they can cover charity officers, committee members and other senior executives for specific personal liabilities. Management, company officers’ and directors’ liability insurance is often considered alongside professional indemnity insurance, as it protects against the results of negligence and breach of duty or trust.

Today, when company directors’ responsibilities and actions often come under intense media scrutiny, company directors’ and officers’ liability insurance becomes vital. It protects individuals against the costs of legal actions taken by shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers or any other associate. The costs covered include:

  • Settlements, compensation awards and claims
  • Legal representation and defence
  • Tax liabilities following company insolvency.
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Company directors’ and officers’ liability insurance closes some of the gaps often left by other liability insurances. Contact us if you would like us to review your policies or provide a quote, or to tell us when your insurance policies are due to be renewed, so we can provide you with an alternative.

"Home Counties Insurance Services was Hunts (UK) Deliveries’ first and only insurance provider. Various brokers have told me that Hunts (UK) Deliveries could ‘do better’ elsewhere because ‘elsewhere’ offered lower rates. Professional insurance is not the only thing Home Counties Insurance Services provides. What's even more important is their staff – competent, concerned and committed are good words to describe them. They respond quickly and well to questions on all matters, and they provide effective guidance on navigating potential claims.”
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